Points of Interest

Points of Interest

There are ten of reasons and motivations that convince you to come to Palestine for a visit and enjoy your journey there:

Palestine is a beautiful country

Whether you enjoy the sight of tree-covered hills that seem to go on forever, or the glow of city lights along an urban skyline, Palestine has something to offer everyone in terms of aesthetic appeal.

Smaller towns in the south, such as Beit Sahour and Beit Jala, are surrounded by greenery, and the mountainous landscape makes an awe-inspiring view easy to find. The more arid regions, such as those surrounding the Dead Sea, provide a stunning contrast to the life that they sustain.

The metropolitan areas also contain a wealth of amazing things to see; the souq of Hebron is colorful and lively; the architecture of much of Jerusalem’s Old City dates back thousands of years, transforming a quick walk toward Jaffa Gate into a trip back through time; the street art of Bethlehem illustrates the struggles of its inhabitants, capturing the humanity of a society in turmoil. Beauty is abundant in Palestine, in many forms and many places.

Delicious Food

Palestinian food is typically fresh and healthy. You won’t find any frozen dinners or canned soups, and fast food is far less common than in a Western country. Produce is a staple of most snacks and meals, and often fresh from the garden. Many products are locally sourced, and if you’re lucky enough to spend time with a Palestinian family, you’ll sample a variety of delicious homemade dishes.

The Palestinian table is always full of a variety of dishes despite the weak economy. Palestinians are renowned for presenting delicious yet affordable food that mainly contains meat and Ghee. There are not many Vegetarians in Palestine, and while there are no specific statics you can tell that this is the case due to most restaurants basing their menu around meat.

The Value of its Holy Sites

Palestine holds countless sites of tremendous value to Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. The more well-known places include the Temple Mount and Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, and al-Ibrahimi Mosque and Machpelah Cave in Hebron, but if you dig a bit further, there’s a wealth of hidden gems to be found. On the southern outskirts of Jerusalem sits Rachel’s Tomb, notable for its sacred atmosphere despite a surrounding military zone.

A short walk from the Church of the Nativity, down an unassuming alley, is the Milk Grotto, another holy site in Christianity. Among the bustling chaos of Hebron city life, you can find Abraham’s Oak. It’s located on land owned by the Russian Orthodox Church, alongside a small monastery. Regardless of your religion, each site is a place of peace and beauty.

Palestine is a place full of history and beautiful things to see and do. Driving along in the Service or taxi and watching the gorgeous scenery is a pleasure itself.

Culture in Palestine

Palestinian hospitality is some of the best in the world. Guests are offered every comfort; tea, food, and good conversation are the staples of Palestinian social life. Friends and strangers alike will take a genuine interest in your life, history, and opinions, and will readily share their own stories with you. Even families that might not have much will share what they have, and do their best to make you feel comfortable and at ease.

Palestinians are eager to show internationals the Palestinian culture and engage them in many different family and cultural activities which will make your trip to Palestine full of memories and enjoyable moments. Not only this but also they keen to know other people cultures and get to know about their daily habits and how they spend their times.

Palestinian culture is based on not only helping family members and neighbors but also passersby whoever that person where they offer any possible help. Moreover and despite their differing views, Christians and Muslims live alongside one another which lends a harmony to entire Palestine. This harmony imbues Palestine with a special beauty. An example of this harmony is the site of the Church of the Nativity and the Mosque of Omar bin al-Khattab, both share the same location in Manger Square and the heart of Bethlehem city.